Sunday, October 1, 2017

55th Annual Antique Festival Kicks Off Autumn in Holmes County

Every year, on the first full weekend of October, the Holmes County Antique Festival takes place in Historic Downtown Millersburg. This event brings vendors, craftsmen, artisans, and travelers from all over northeast Ohio for a Saturday and Sunday full of shopping and entertainment for all ages. This year, the Festival turns 55, and promises to be even bigger than years past.

The tradition of the Antique Festival is very near and dear to the people of Holmes County, and many consider it the official "kick off" event to the Fall season here in Amish Country. The main street stores of Millersburg always look forward to participating, and this year they will be hosting a "window contest" in which there will be an object or riddle to be found and solved in each location that corresponds to the window display.

Multiple parades are scheduled for both days for the Festival, but the main parade takes place at 2pm on Sunday afternoon. The events on Sunday are an important draw for locals and visitors alike, since most other shops and restaurants in the area are closed. Over 65 vendors of antiques, crafts, art, and other unique treasures will be place on the open lots downtown, including the courthouse lawn.

Being the busiest time of year for Ohio's Amish Country, Fall is extremely important for our towns and community as a whole. Businesses host special sales, exhibits, offers, and more at every opportunity, especially during the month of October. If you plan to be in the area for the 7th and 8th, the Antique Festival is an absolute must-see!

More information, including a detailed schedule of events, is available on the Holmes County Antique Festival website.


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