Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thrift Stores In Ohio Amish Country

Guests to the Millersburg, Ohio Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast often ask about thrift stores in Ohio Amish Country.  In this post, I will list many thrift and resale stores.

Save & Serve Thrift Shop in Millersburg:
   Whether you are looking for a new outfit, a unique vintage find, or a great bargain, there’s something for everyone at our Thrift Shop! Our MCC Thrift Shop provides quality thrift items at reasonable prices and strives to be a caring, friendly presence in our community.

MCC Connection Thrift Shop:
     MCC has thrift or resale stores in 18 states and in 5 Canadian Providences.  This particular store is only one of many that a portion of each purchase is designated to the global relief work of MCC (Mennonite Central Committee)


Share and Care in Berlin;
         If you are shopping for gently used clothes, dishes, appliances, books and antiques, thrift stores are your go-to. When shopping in these stores, you never know what treasures you might come across.


Harvest Thrift Store in Sugarcreek and Wilmot.

    In 2006 a small group of Holmes County residents met to discuss a vision they all had in common. With hearts geared toward area youth, they discussed ways to provide resources for those who need a hand, not just in third-world countries but in the local community as well. Through these brainstorming sessions, Harvest Thrift Store was conceived with a mission statement promising that the store will provide “quality merchandise to support local and international missions,” while “honoring God with compassion and integrity” and “assisting our employees and volunteers to reach their full potential.”
The Harvest Thrift Store opened for business in November, 2006, debt-free. What began with a leased space in Sugarcreek has since expanded to a second location in Wilmot, made possible by the generous donation of a vacant building at the intersection of Routes 62 and 250. And now it has grown again by recently moving the Sugarcreek location into a new, expanded building.


The Trading Post Thrift Store in Mt. Hope, is a large thrift store that is well displayed. A unique character of this thrift store is the amount of HIGH VALUE items, NEW & USED. There is also a large selection of clothing and wares as well as a section that is sure to capture masculine interests with outdoor gear and things that would appeal to men.
The Trading Post Thrift Store was organized to support the Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp. The Ohio Camp is an organization in South-Eastern OH that helps boys work through emotional handicaps that keep them from enjoying life in their family and a normal school setting.
All support generated through the Trading Post goes to help families who have a boy at camp. The scholarship is a must for single parent families and families who are already struggling financially to be able to help their boy.

Submitted by Amy Yoder
November 2, 2016