Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ohio Bed and Breakfast Re-Purposed Shutters and Patchwork

I, the quilter and proprietor of the Ohio Amish Country, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast in Millersburg, Ohio, have re-purposed antique shutters with a framed patchwork primitive horse quilt block inspired by an antique weather vane. For an interesting wall feature, I joined two colonial-era shutters with hand-wrought hinges and dry brush painted them with an off-white paint. I use these shutters to feature seasonal decor.

Quilted Primitive Horse Block

I design my own patchwork with whatever inspires me.  This block is made of 100% cotton except for the horse, which was cut from hand-dyed wool.  The tail and mane are made with some type of yard that has hair-like characteristics, something I picked up at a shop, some time in my past.

 To create interest, I like to incorporate geometric and curved elements in my patchwork as well as embellish with embroidery or dimensional applique.

Weather Vane Quilt Block

For additional interest, I always use a combination of light, medium, and dark colored-fabric, and I like to use one fabric that is larger in scale.  It is fun to incorporate a fabric that has writing on it or something of interest.  Keep in mind that contrast can be achieved with the use of complimentary colors.  Here, a red-orange triangle compliments the greens in the block.

This 12" block (plus 1/4" on each side) fits perfectly in a shadowbox frame that I purchased at Michael's.  This frame has the capability of adjustment to whatever depth you desire, and is perfect for dimensional patchwork blocks.

The frame was white, which I sprayed with Rust-Oleum brand
Camouflage 2x Ultra Cover spray paint, which has the capability of bonding to plastic. It is a flat paint with a non-reflective finish, which I picked up at my local Walmart.

If you have occasion to visit Holmes County, Ohio, plan to stop by the Millersburg, Ohio,  Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast to view rooms and some of the creative works.  Here at the barn, we serve a full country breakfast with each night's stay, and each morning I share an information orientation to the area and/or announce special events taking place.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
February 27, 2016

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Ohio Amish Country Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast Update Accommodations

In maintaining a standard for excellence, luxury, and comfort, we at the Ohio Amish Country Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast yearly update our accommodations.  January is the month in which we deep clean, paint, and make major improvements; all to create added value and contribute to guest experience.

Vintage Rose Mural
Since I am in charge of "All Things Beautiful" at the inn, I have a license to do whatever I wish to create beauty.  I had never before done a mural with clouds, so this was an exciting experiment that resulted in much satisfaction and pleasure.

This mural, in the Vintage Rose Suite, proved to be a dramatic, yet soft transformation. My first step was to change the vanilla-colored walls to Sherwin Williams color number 6213, Halcyon Green.  For the mural I drew a base line 36" from the floor.  I also determined the width and placement of the background.  I researched how to paint clouds on then began my adventure.  I hand painted the clouds, hills, and foreground, then stenciled the trees with a mural stencil set from cutting edge stencils. Their video for the mural stencil set, on their website, is very helpful.

Mural Clouds
I am not an expert, just brave enough, or foolish enough, to try something challenging.  For the clouds I used white paint to which I added some of the SW Halcyon Green.  I also added glaze. Glaze will extend the window of time needed to work the paint.  In other words, with glaze added, paint dries slower, allowing more time to manipulate.  For the clouds I mixed three different values of white and green; the lightest had just a little bit of the Halcyon Green in it. I discovered that it was best to paint the clouds starting at the top, pouncing with a round stencil brush that measured about 1 1/4 inch in diameter.  It is important to allow some of the background  color to peek through the clouds.

Close up Mural

The clouds and landscape background were the most challenging.  By following the steps on the video on the cutting edge stencil site, you will learn to place smaller images to the rear and larger image in the foreground. Another important element when painting murals is to paint distant images in a lighter color.  Larger images in the foreground should be painted in a darker color.

Rose Garden Bathroom
Additional 2016 updates include new tile flooring and tub surround in the Rose Garden Room.  It was exciting to remove the bland white tile around the garden tub and replace it with elegant, beautiful tumbled marble.

Additionally, the old vinyl flooring, installed in 1997, was removed - hallelujah!  For the flooring tile, we chose tile that looks like rough sawn barn planking. It's just fun to look at!  Finally, I stenciled the back wall for a truly garden feel.

Tile that Looks Like Wood Planks

 Additionally, we installed new carpets in several other guest rooms.

Take the opportunity to visit  Ohio's Amish Country.  When doing so, be sure to visit the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast.  We will be happy to give you a tour through any unoccupied rooms.

Stays at the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast include a hot country breakfast and an area orientation.  Plan several days in Amish Country, as there is much to see and do.  This is the largest community of Amish in the world.  There is no zoning in Holmes County, so Amish entrepreneurs can be found on many of our back road county and township roads.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast
Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
February 11, 2016