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Auctions, Bargains, and Antiques and Primitive Shopping in Holmes County, Ohio

Auctions, bargains, and antiques and primitive shopping are part of the Holmes County Ohio experience, and take place any day of the week except Sunday.  The Kaufman Auction House, located at 3149 State Rt. 39, in Walnut Creek, conducts an auction every Monday night beginning at 5 p.m.  The only date variance is if there is a holiday on a Monday.  Monday antique auction preview time is anytime after 12 noon.  Kaufman Realty maintains an excellent online listing of upcoming auctions.

Kaufman Auction House
 Auctions are well attended by our local community.  They serve not only as a means of buying and selling, but also provide opportunity for socialization, or entertainment  The Amish, who are not permitted typical American entertainment such as attendance to county fairs, Cleveland Indians or Browns Football games, theaters, or view television, find auctions a great opportunity to meet friends and catch up on the latest news such as who moved where, who sold a horse for a certain price, or who is going on a trip.

Amish at Auction

On one side of the room are boxed lots of miscellaneous items such as seasonal decorations, books, lamps, and all sorts of furniture items.  You could expect anything that might be found in an attic.  Consider this a "Snooper's Paradise" for anyone who repurposes furniture or other items.
 Kaufman Auction House also conducts coin auctions every Tuesday beginning at 4 p.m.  On coin auction days, doors open 2 hours prior to sale time; online bidding is available at  Typical items might be cents, half dollars, silver dollars, gold, and miscellaneous coins. They also conduct gun auctions, such as one that is approaching on September 26, 2014.
Just so you know, Kaufman Auction House has a convenient food service counter where they offer the best hot dogs in the area. 

Plan a trip to the Holmes County with a stay at the Ohio Amish Country,  Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast and a buying experience at one of our many auctions.  My personal favorite is the Monday Kaufman Auction, which has a Millersburg mailing address, but is located in Walnut Creek.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast
We have other good auctions by other auctioneers; some offering significant antique items; tools, wagons, primitives, other artifacts, and "Who knows what."  Check out RES Auction Services. One of their auctions will be on October 1, 2014, 4885, Kidron Road, Kidron, Ohio.

Carr/Hughes Auction

Check out all the wonderful auctions taking place every week.  Find listings for antiques, farms, farm and business-related equipment, household estates, vacant land, and houses in the The Holmes County Bargain Hunter, Marketplace section.  The Bargain Hunter is published every week, every Monday.

Check out Dave Acker Auctioneer, with an auction on Thursday, September 25, 2014.

A good source for weekly auction listings is to subscribe to the Holmes County Bargain Hunter. You'll find the auction bills of sale in their Marketplace section.  I was unable to find any auction listings on the website.

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September 21, 2014

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