Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bed and Breakfast Yogurt, Honey, and Granola Breakfast Tart

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast serves a full country breakfast each morning, which generally includes some kind of egg, meat, pastry, and fruit (these combinations change daily). One favorite recipe we would like to share is our Yogurt, Honey, and Granola Breakfast Tart:

Baked Oatmeal, Eggs & Sausage, and Sour cream Coffee Cake

Yogurt, Honey, and Granola Breakfast Tart

1 1/2 cup  Oatmeal
1/2 cup  Sunflower Seeds
1/2 cup  Pecans (chopped)
1/4 cup  Honey
5 Tbsp.  Butter (melted)
Greek Yogurt
Assorted or sliced fruit for topping

Mix the oatmeal, nuts, seeds, melted butter, and honey together in a bowl until everything is thoroughly coated. Press the mixture into a greased 10" tart pan with a removable bottom (or pie plate). Use a measuring cup to help press the granola evenly across the pan and up the sides. Bake for about 15 minutes, until lightly golden. Let cool. (You can make the crust ahead if you want to and fill it the next morning just before serving). Fill the tart with Greek yogurt, and smooth out evenly. Arrange fruit on top and serve immediately (as yogurt will make the granola soggy if left to sit too long).

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
October 23, 2013

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