Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ohio Bed and Breakfast Seeing More Intergenerational Travelers

Owners of the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast are seeing more intergenerational traveler requests.  We are seeing an increasing number of grandparents come with their grandchildren or perhaps their children and grandchildren.

Intergenerational travel provides opportunity to spend precious time with children and grandchildren, while at the same time experiencing unique historic and cultural sites.

Blossom Suite Master Bedroom at Apple Hill
One Barn Inn guest said that families are so busy these days that they no longer come over for Sunday dinner, their grandchildren are in sports, and many times their work schedules limit family time.  She said there may be only several days out of the year when everyone can get away for a vacation. Many grandparents want their children and grandchildren to experience some of their favorite cultural locations.  Some grandparents plan and pay for the vacations because, as in many families, some children do not have the disposable income to provide all of the opportunities that the grandparents want their grandchildren to experience.

Amish Barn Raising Holmes County

Another guest explained that the primary reason he takes his grandchild on vacations is for educational purposes. "Book learning is limited," he said, "First hand experiences provide sensory stimulation. Building relationships and teaching critical life principles is important," he stated.  He noted that many families are texting their counterparts instead of communicating verbally. Since his beloved wife died, he is continuing the tradition of traveling with his granddaughter.  For him, this is one-on-one time that is most valuable; a time he cherishes because he is her last living grandparent. These vacations provide history lesson opportunities, help strengthen relationships, and provide a platform for critical thinking discussions.

One guest said their entire family always plans to vacation together the first two weeks in July at their lakefront cottage.  It's a standing date year in and year out. Their entire vacation is spent at the lake where water activities dominate their time. 

Guestrooms at the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast are suitable for grandparents and children ages 10 and above.  The Fred Gehrig house, on the Barn Inn property, offers accommodations for 5 people.

Dining Room and Kitchen in Blossom Suite
Newly opened, the Barn Inn's nine-acre sister location, Apple Hill Retreat, offers accommodations for up to 14 or 16 people; an ideal vacation estate for families, corporate groups, or friend or church groups. Apple Hill may be utilized for meetings or used as home base for Amish Country touring. Guests may enjoy the full kitchens, especially with all of the food products found in the area, all in a setting with a grand 10-mile view.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
July 30, 2013

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