Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ohio Bed and Breakfast Murder Mystery

On January 18, 2014, The Millersburg, Ohio Barn Inn Bed & Breakfast will be hosting a Murder Mystery dinner event.

 During this event, the Barn Inn will be hosting the 2014 Hiney Awards. As the biggest night for the entertainment industry, the Hiney Awards will bring the most influential actors, producers and directors to the Barn Inn.

The highly coveted Hiney Awards are given to the highest performers or behind-the-scenes technical operators from the best of film, music and television. Presenting the awards will be Mr. Red Hiney, the descendant of the famous Richard Hiney, after whom the awards are named. The most anticipated award this year is the brand new Lifetime Achievement Award, the winner of which will be hand picked by Mr. Hiney himself after considering votes taken that evening from attendees. A lavish dinner party is being held in honor of the new award.

The evening promises to be a who's who in the inner circle of entertainment, and plenty of fun!

Submitted by Stephanie Winegar 12/26/13

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Millersburg Ohio Bed and Breakfast Repurpose Old Books

Here at the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, I am always looking for ways to re-purpose old things.  This year I have made beautiful creations out of old books.  They can be placed on any surface; however, I've chosen to place them on Christmas tree branches.

Re-Purposed Book

Before cutting up pages in a book, make sure that it is not a valuable 1st edition. I have found that I like smaller-size books, and I prefer books with stiffer paper.  The first book I did is an old dictionary which has very thin, fine-quality pages.  It is harder to make the tree stand up if using finer pages.

Supplies:  Old book
                Template of tree image
                Razor knife
                Piece of cardboard
                Glue stick
                Tacky glue
                Wooden stir stick or equivalent
                Scrapbooking paper, old Christmas cards, or other colored paper
                Gold glitter spray             
                Photos and any other desired embellishments

Open the book near center.  Place your tree template on page and draw placement.  Place cardboard three pages behind the tree page. Cut around the tree, leaving the base, or trunk of tree uncut and attached to the page.  You will be cutting through three layers of pages. With the glue stick, place one swath of glue between the three trees.  I like to leave the boughs of the tree unglued so that they kind of feather out.

Determine what color paper or Christmas card will look good in the "tree window."  Glue it into place and glue down the pages on top of it. Note that darker-colored Christmas cards look better.

Next cut approximately 1 1/2 inches of the wooden stick and glue it to the back of the tree so that it will stand up.  Glue it with tacky glue.  You will need to prop it until it dries.  Spray your finished book with  glitter spray, tie ribbon on opposite side of book and embellish as desired.
Re-Purposed Books In Christmas Tree
Happy crafting!

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
December 15, 2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast concludes 6th Annual Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns

Two festive days of merriment was had by 1300 visitors who toured the Millersburg, Ohio Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast and 11 other hotels and unique bed and breakfasts in Holmes County. The gingerbread themed tour inspired attendees with decorating ideas, festively flavored beverages and snacks, along with a specialty Christmas cookie at each inn. 

While the Berlin Grande Hotel may have featured the largest gingerbread house on the tour, The Barn Inn featured the smallest gingerbread houses, perched on the edge of fine china cups. Loretta's drunken gingerbread man was found amongst wine bottles in a coal bucket, and displayed in The Barn Inn's Christmas tree were repurposed books. 

 The winner of the drawing held at The Barn Inn for a Christmas cookie basket was Anna Martin of Shreve, Ohio.

Proceeds from the event will go to local charities. This year, charities being supported will be LifeCare Hospice of Holmes County, The Love Center Food Pantry, and the University of Akron Culinary Department Scholarships. 

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
December 12, 2013

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Amish Country Bed and Breakfast Poised for Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, located in the Heart of Amish Country, is decorated for the holiday season; dressed up and poised for the 6th Annual Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns taking place Sunday and Monday, December 8 and 9, 2013.

Teacup Gingerbread House

Participating in this year's gingerbread-themed event will be 12 Inns including The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, The Berlin Grande Hotel, Berlin Hotel and Suites, Carlisle Inn Sugarcreek, Carlisle Inn Walnut Creek, Comfort Suites Berlin, Ferngully Creek, The Grapevine House Bed and Breakfast, Guggisberg Swiss Inn, Hannah's House Retreat, The Wallhouse Hotel, and Zinck's Main Street Lodging.

Musicians at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Plan now to be inspired and celebrate the holiday season during an afternoon of progressive cookie tasting and touring through the twelve festively decorated inns, and help raise money to be given away to deserving local charities. Exquisite gingerbread houses built by Dr. John Learner will be featured this year along with a gingerbread house contest by Akron University culinary students and faculty.  Tour guests will receive one specialty cookie at each inn, as well as other snacks along the way. 

Innkeepers invite you to their properties from 12:30 pm. - 6:00 pm. You will begin your self-paced tour at any inn of your choice. To best utilize your time, we recommend that you take time to plan your route. Your ticket will be punched at the door of each inn, please do not lose your ticket, as lost tickets cannot be replaced.  A stop at Hannah's House B and B includes a horse-drawn wagon shuttle to the inn.  Hot chocolate will be available at that stop.

Beautiful Table Setting

Tickets are date specific. Sunday tickets and two day passes are sold out; however, Monday tickets are still available.  Click here to purchase your Monday ticket!

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast always features fine table settings and dining ideas.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
November 30, 2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

4th Annual Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Tree Festival November 14-17, 2013

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast invites you to 4th Annual Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Tree Festival taking place Thursday-Sunday, November 14-17 in downtown Millersburg. The festival will be held at Hotel Millersburg, and will be open from 11:30 am. to 8:00 pm. Thursday-Saturday, and 11:30 am. to 4:00 pm. on Sunday.

The festival will feature more than 60 beautifully decorated Christmas trees, wreaths, centerpieces and small furniture items, which will all be available for purchase, and several raffle items. All proceeds will go to the Pomerene Hospital Auxiliary.

Admission to the festival is free and spectators can enjoy refreshments and cookies as they walk through the event. All purchased items can be picked up at Hotel Millersburg anytime after 4:00 pm.

For more information on this event contact Rebecca Ragon at 330-674-1584 Ext. 1763

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
November 12, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Berlin Christmas Open House November 8 & 9, 2013

As Christmas approaches in Berlin, Ohio so do plenty of shopping opportunities taking place only a short distance from The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast. A big shopping event taking place on November 8 & 9 is the Berlin Christmas Open House, which will have no special themes, except that Christ will be at the center of the holiday season.

Whether it's a personalized book, a wooden engraved plaque, a handmade craft, an elegant handcrafted quilt, or one of the countless other inspirational and unique gift items, the Berlin merchants provide a wonderful pre-Christmas shopping experience that is sure to fill your stockings, put presents under the tree, and complete your holiday shopping list.

The Berlin Christmas Open House allows each of its merchants to set their own hours and present their own sales. Each of the Main Street merchants will remain open Friday, November 7 until 8:00 pm. as will some of the other stores throughout town.

One of the larger attractions will take place at the Gospel Bookstore, where more than three dozen authors will gather for one giant book signing day on Saturday. Bring in the holiday season in a meaningful and fun way during the Berlin Christmas Open house November 8 & 9, 2013.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
November 6, 2013

Monday, October 28, 2013

Amish Country Ohio Bed and Breakfast and Annual Craft Show

Located within 10 minutes of the Ohio Amish Country Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is the West Holmes Annual Craft Show that will be held Saturday, November 9, 9 am - 2 pm. in the West Holmes High School gym.

The Annual Craft Show offers a wide selection of crafts and hand made goods that are perfect for a holiday gift or a new piece for your decorations. More than 70 vendors from the area will be participating in the show.

With the proceeds going toward the West Holmes Levy Fund, the Craft Show has become an important part of the West Holmes school district. Kids from the high school volunteer throughout the day, helping the vendors set up and running errands for whoever needs them. The show gives the students at West Holmes a positive and constructive way to participate in a community event that benefits their school.

Featuring plenty of decorations, jewelry, and other handmade craft items, the Craft Show also hosts a concession stand in the high school cafeteria for both breakfast and lunch. The show is free to attend, with plenty of free parking available at the school.

Fore more information, contact Teresa Mackey at 330-674-3546

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
October 28, 2013

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bed and Breakfast Yogurt, Honey, and Granola Breakfast Tart

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast serves a full country breakfast each morning, which generally includes some kind of egg, meat, pastry, and fruit (these combinations change daily). One favorite recipe we would like to share is our Yogurt, Honey, and Granola Breakfast Tart:

Baked Oatmeal, Eggs & Sausage, and Sour cream Coffee Cake

Yogurt, Honey, and Granola Breakfast Tart

1 1/2 cup  Oatmeal
1/2 cup  Sunflower Seeds
1/2 cup  Pecans (chopped)
1/4 cup  Honey
5 Tbsp.  Butter (melted)
Greek Yogurt
Assorted or sliced fruit for topping

Mix the oatmeal, nuts, seeds, melted butter, and honey together in a bowl until everything is thoroughly coated. Press the mixture into a greased 10" tart pan with a removable bottom (or pie plate). Use a measuring cup to help press the granola evenly across the pan and up the sides. Bake for about 15 minutes, until lightly golden. Let cool. (You can make the crust ahead if you want to and fill it the next morning just before serving). Fill the tart with Greek yogurt, and smooth out evenly. Arrange fruit on top and serve immediately (as yogurt will make the granola soggy if left to sit too long).

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
October 23, 2013

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

30th Annual Charm Merchant Days Promote Local Goods October 11 & 12

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast invites you to the Charm Merchant Days Festival on Friday, October 11 and Saturday, October 12, 2013. This event is perfect for families and travelers looking to enjoy an autumn weekend in the heart of Amish country.

Located on State Route 557 in Holmes County, Charm is a small Amish town with plenty of local merchants looking to sell their home-made, local goods and produce. During the Charm Merchant Days, held annually on the second weekend of October since 1983, merchants in the area offer discounts and bargains in the form of bake sales, flea markets, and yard sales. A benefit for the local school is also held, selling old-fashioned chili and fry pies.

On Friday evening, a special, old-time fiddling program and performance is held at the festival. Additionally, elementary children from Charm hold a Wooly Worm Derby on Friday afternoon, in which the children select their favorite caterpillar to race up a string.

Saturday brings an auction with donations from area residents and businesses, along with a horse show at the southern end of town in the morning. A pie contest has been held on Saturday of the festival since 1991, where the winning pies are auctioned after judging. The proceeds from the auction go to the Charm Community Share-N-Care Fund, which provides charity to local families in need. the final event on Saturday is a prize drawing where the names of participants are pulled to win a variety of items from the merchants, and one grand prize of $1000.

For more information on this event visit

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
October 9, 2013

Thursday, October 3, 2013

The 51st Holmes County Antique Festival October 5 & 6, 2013

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast invites you to the 51st Holmes County Antique Festival, taking place Saturday and Sunday, October 5-6, 2013 in Downtown Millersburg. The two-day event is a perfect opportunity for families and friends to get together and enjoy a crisp, autumn, Amish Country weekend.

Returning to the Festival this year is the Millersburg Glass Auction. While last year's auction was a huge success, the committee agreed to present a smaller one this year rather than wait three years for another. Although it wont be as large as last year's auction, the 2013 auction will feature 107 radiant Millersburg glass pieces that will brighten up any collection.

Holmes County Antique Festival 
Schedule of Events

Saturday, October 5

9:00 am. - 5K race starts at the courthouse
10:00 am. - Annual Antique Market, arts and craft, Princess contest, and Millersburg Glass Auction begins
12:00 pm. - Queen Contest
1:00 pm. - 4:00 pm. - Classic Car Show
3:00 pm. - Costume contest
4:30 pm. - Antique, Classic Car & Fireman's Parade
7:00 pm. - 9:00 pm. - Featuring St. Jimmies on main stage
(Other musical performances will be taking place at 1 and 3:30 pm.)

Sunday, October 6

10:00 am - 4:00 pm. - Antique Market and arts and crafts
12:30 pm. - Lumber Jack Show
2:00 pm. - Grand Parade and Kiddie Tractor Pull following parade

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
October 3, 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ohio Bed and Breakfast Recommends Swiss Festival

Running from September 25-28, the Ohio Swiss Festival, held in the heart of Amish Country, celebrates the rich culture that makes Sugarcreek the "Little Switzerland of Ohio." Loretta at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast highly recommends making this festival one of your stops during your stay!

Since 1953, the Swiss Festival has highlighted the contributions made by the Swiss to the culture and everyday life of Amish Country. Most notably, Sugarcreek remains the top cheese manufacturer in Ohio, which is well-reflected in every aspect of the festival. Patrons can come and enjoy a wide array of wines, cheeses, and other local fares during their visit.

Some of the most entertaining events include the Steinstossen, a stone-throwing contest in which men and women see how far they can toss a large stone weighing up to 138 pounds. There is also a Swiss costume contest, and, of course, a yodeling competition to enjoy. The festival is family friendly, with parades and small events throughout with children in mind. Live music is also a central part of the Swiss Festival, regularly including polka and traditional Swiss music into more American sounds.

For a full list of events and a detailed schedule, go to

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
September 24, 2013

Friday, September 20, 2013

Holmes County Home to hold its 42nd Annual Benefit Auction

On Saturday, September 21, the Holmes County Home will hold its 42nd Annual Benefit Auction for the residents of the Home at 7260 State Route 83, in Holmesville, only a short distance from The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast.

The Holmes County Home is an assisted living residence located in Holmesville, Ohio, for members of the community who do not need the full-scale care of a nursing home, but are unable to live independently. The Home is supported by a county levy, but receives no funding from the state or federal governments. The proceeds from the benefit auction go to improving the environment of the Home for its residents, for things such as building repairs or maintenance.

 In the past few years, the money received has gone to renovate a laundry room and kitchen, provide new furniture for the day room as well as new beds, and update flooring and the door security system, among other things.

The two-day event will kick off on Friday evening at 5:30pm with a fish-fry and volleyball tournament. Those wishing to register a team can contact the auction committee at 330-473-3665. Included in the menu for the fish fry will be fish, French fries, kettle stew, hot dogs, fry pies, and kettle corn.

Saturday morning will start early, with a full hot breakfast available at 7am until 10am. The first silent auction begins at 8am along with the bake sale that will continue until it has sold out.

Items to be auctioned are all donated by individuals or businesses in the area. This year, notable items include more than 50 handmade quilts, a silver maple collection, high-quality furniture, grandfather clocks, and ponies and carts.

The furniture auction, which boasts a wide array of oak, cherry and other valuably crafted pieces, begins at 9 am. A full lunch of barbecued chicken, noodles, baked beans, potato salad, fruit, pie, homemade ice cream, soft pretzels, sausage sandwiches, hot dogs and kettle corn will be served at 10 am. Auctions will continue with specialty items at noon, followed by lawn furniture at 1:30 pm. The children's auction, which allows children to place their own bids with the help of an auctioneer, begins at 2 pm..

For more information about participating or donating to the auction, contact the Holmes County Home at 330-279-2801 or Aden Hershberger at 330-473-3665.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
September 20, 2013

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Amish Budget Newspaper Article in Wall Street Journal

Two Amish ladies, the mother of Paul Coblentz, owner of the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, along with his aunt, Mary Ellen Miller, were mentioned in the Wall Street Journal August 30, 2013 article, "Amish Newspapers Thrive in Digital Age."  The article is referencing "The Budget" which is a 123 year-old weekly newspaper, and I should say, "A thick newspaper."  The Budget is the lifeblood of the Amish, which Paul and I call, "The Amish Facebook."

About 860 "Scribes" from Amish and Mennonite communities across the US, Canada, Mexico, and elsewhere contribute community news, usually on a weekly basis.  Paul's mother, Ada Coblentz, is a scribe in Sugarcreek, and his Aunt, Mary Ellen is a scribe from Pleasantville, Tennessee.  Because the Amish and conservative Mennonites typically are not engaged in digital technology, they continue to rely on hand-written copy and subscribe to this newspaper.  The Budget, along with phone messages, letters and postcards, delivered by traditional means, is their major means of communication.

The next time you come to the Berlin and Millersburg, Ohio area, be sure to pick up a copy of The Budget, which along with many other locations, can be purchased at Boyd & Wurthman, Heini's Cheese, Dutch Cupboard, German Village Market in Berlin, and Rodhe's IGA in Millersburg.  It delivers on Wednesdays and sells out quickly.  Reading through the posts will give you a good sense of the culture's ways.

In keeping with propriety and good taste, scribe posts are devoid of church and ordnung disagreements, which most surely do exist and are liberally discussed among society members.  You may note posts that mention a new settlement here or there.  The Amish always move into an existing community or with others to establish a new community.  A family never moves where they are isolated from other Amish.  They move for many reasons; sometimes because of urban sprawl which encroaches on their community, rising property taxes, and for cheaper land.  New settlements are organized with like-minded people who have established their own ordnung which allows or disallows certain things.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

At The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, on Sunday mornings, we usually share about how church districts are established and how ministers are selected.  Many Sunday morning discussions are quite interesting and engaging. Visit us sometime.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
September 14, 2013

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The Amish Country Quilt Show returning to Buckeye Event Center, September 12-14, 2013

Holmes County, Ohio, The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is excited to inform you that the Amish Country Quilt show will be returning to the Buckeye Event Center at 624 Henry Street, Dalton on Thursday, September 12 and will continue through Saturday, September 14. The three day event will feature more than 200 beautiful quilts from around the country that will be on display. In addition to the quilt display, Marilyn Young (Apron-ology artist) will provide event attendees to a sweet selection of vintage aprons, and some personal creations, all chosen to illustrate the evolution of this important, much loved textile. Whether it's store bought, handmade, or handed down, if you are an apron wearer you will love her collection!

  A Project Linus sew-in will be featured at the show as well. Project Linus provides love, warmth, and comfort to seriously ill, traumatized children, or those otherwise in need by the gift of new handmade blankets and afghans that are lovingly created by volunteer blanketeers. Attendees are encouraged to join in this opportunity to use their talents to create blankets for the local Project Linus group. Donations of supplies will also be accepted. The Mennonite Central Committee (a relief, service, community development and peace agency) will be at the show demonstrating Amish quilting techniques, and invite quilters to sit awhile at the quilt frame and stitch a quilt that will be donated to charity.

The Amish Country Quilt shows hours are from 10:00 am. to 5:00 pm. daily, and is open to the public. Parking is free. For more information visit or call 800-249-3154.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
September 11, 2013

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Holmes County, Ohio Event: Berlin Harvest Festival Parade & Rib Cook-off, September 7, 2013

As autumn begins in Holmes County, Ohio so do all the fun fall festivities, taking place only a short distance from The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast. Kicking off the Fall season this year will be The Seventh Annual Berlin Harvest Festival Parade and Rib Cook-off, taking place this weekend; September 7, 2013.

Fun the whole family can enjoy!

Along Main Street in Berlin there will be numerous rib vendors set up for the annual rib cook-off, where you can buy a whole rack or get a small sample at each vendor, and vote for your favorite so a winner can be crowned. The cook-off features entrepreneurs from as far away as Columbus to compete for the prizes. In addition, there will be vendors selling kettle corn, homemade ice-cream, fry pies, and noodles.

 Plenty of demonstrations and fun activities for the kids will be taking place Saturday as well, such as giant inflatable jumping pits, face painting, an animal petting zoo, and much more along with live musical performances on the Stage at the Square, and many sales will be taking place throughout town. Ending the day will be the Harvest Fest Parade that starts on 62 near Nature's Food Market and travels along Main Street  to the Berlin Elementary School, where local businesses and organizations take to Main Street in a long line up of floats, fire trucks, automobiles, tractors, and pretty much anything that rolls on wheels.

For more information about the Berlin Harvest Festival Parade and Rib Cook-off, contact Berlin Main Street Merchants (330-893-3192) or visit

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
September 5, 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bed and Breakfast Hearty Muffins

We at the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast love these hearty muffins, that I call, "Love Your Heart" Muffins.  Not only they hearty and delicious, they are good for you.

Healthy Ingredients

You will need:

1 1/2 cup unbleached white flour
3/4 cup flaxseed meal
3/4/ cup oat bran
1 cup sugar or xylitol (sugar substitute)
2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. baking powder
1/2 tsp. salt
2 tsp. cinnamon
1 tsp. vanilla
1 1/2 cups shredded carrots
2 peeled and shredded apples
1/2 cup raisins
1 cup chopped walnuts
3/4 cup milk
2 beaten eggs

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, mix dry ingredients. Stir in carrots, apples, raisins, and nuts. In a separate bowl, combine milk, eggs, and vanilla, then add to dry mixture. DO NOT OVER MIX. Fill muffin cups 3/4 full. Bake for 20 minutes or until done. Yields 15 muffins.  Note:  I usually use slightly less than a cup of sugar or xylitol.  I use Bob's Red mill products as shown in the photo above.  These are great to bake ahead, freeze, and take along on a road trip.


Recent studies have shown that flaxseed, once prized by ancient Egyptians, may be one of the most potent cholesterol controllers in the natural world. Flax works by targeting the bad cholesterol in your body.

You can substitute shortening or cooking oil in a recipe with flaxseed at a ratio of three to one. For example, 1 1/2 cups of ground flaxseed can replace 1/2 cup of butter or oil.

One tablespoon of ground flax meal seed with 3 tablespoons of water can replace one egg.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
September 1, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Holmes County Ohio Event: Haiti Benefit Auction, August 30-31, 2013

Starting Friday, August 30, 2013, Mt. Hope, approximately 7 miles from The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, will be hosting its 27th annual Haiti Benefit Auction, dedicated to bringing relief to the people of Haiti and win them to Christ through the combined efforts of area churches. 100% of auction proceeds go to Haiti. Find Schedule below:

27th Annual Ohio Haiti Benefit Auction
Schedule of Events

Friday, August 30

4:00 pm. - Open House
5:00 pm.- 9:00 pm. - Quilt Inspection and Food Stands Open
7:00 pm. - 9:00 pm. - Singing Program

Saturday, August 31

6:00 am. - Breakfast begins - Food Stands open all day!
8:00 am. - Sale begins with furniture and Specialty Items
8:30 am. - Tool Auction
10:00 am. - Locally made quilts

Some of the items that will be sold are: Approximately 100 handmade quilts and wall hangers in sizes ranging from: baby, full, queen, and king, including wall hangers, Mariners Star, Broken Star, Country Love, Alabama Star, Star Spin, Lone Star, and Log Cabin. Other items are: Garage (32'x50'), Wood Fired Pizza Oven, New carriages with horses and harnesses, Antique Tractors, Lawn mowers, Miscellaneous tools, Storage barns, Out door furniture, Play houses & play sets, and Quality Handcrafted Furniture.

Saturday Breakfast Buffet will include: Pancakes, Whole hog sausage, Fried mush, Scrambled eggs, Hash browns, Sausage gravy, Homemade donuts, Cream sticks, and Apple Fritters. 

Friday Dinner & Saturday Lunch includes: BBQ Chicken, Deep fried perch, Chicken Tenders, French fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Shrimp, Onion rings, Haitian rice and beans, Homemade Noodles, Dressing, Salad Bar, Date pudding, Homemade Ice-cream, Breads, Pies, Soft Pretzels, Fruit Smoothies, Cotton Candy, and Popcorn. 

Location: Mt. Hope Auction, 8076 Ohio 241, Mt Hope, OH 44660

For more information contact: Nelson Miller (330-231-0461) or Keith Weaver (330-204-6089) 

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
August 22, 2013  

Friday, August 9, 2013

Do The Amish Still Shun?

A question often presented to us here at the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is, "Do the Amish still shun?"  This is a subject I address with some reticence, as church edicts vary vastly from community to community, families, and church districts.  Answers given often lead to more questions.  Amish ways are ambiguous and obscure, often leaving one mystified by this "Hidden practice."

Meidung means avoidance and is the practice of social rejection of someone who leaves the Amish.  It is most rigidly enforced if one has joined the church and then left. Avoidance or shunning may also be directed against a former Amish person even if they have never joined the church, as in the case of my parents who never joined the old order, but joined the more liberal Beachy Amish-Mennonite church. Some leave their stricter church to go to a more liberal Amish church so that they can utilize a particular technology that would be considered a sin in their former church; for example, having a gas refrigerator instead of an ice box.

The Amish justify sunning by certain scriptures, one being II Thessalonians 3:14. "If any man obey not our word by this epistle, note that man, and have no company with him, that he may be ashamed."
Shunning takes on different forms in different states and regions.  With about ten varying sects in the Holmes County, Ohio region, the bann or Meidung is enforced differently from church to church.  Much mystery and intrigue surrounds the shunning, as some things are simply not talked about to people outside the community.  Many church edicts are intentionally obscured from public view and understood only by those raised within the society or those few outsiders who have joined. 

In most cases church rules are not written down in.  It is a society where years of tradition and practice are deeply engrained and understood. Violators of the ordnung are given opportunity to repent and conform to church dictates.  Typically they have 6 months, until the next communion service, to comply.  If, after that, they have not shown submission, they are ex-communicated and shunned, or, as our people say, "Put in the bann."  The bann is considered "Tough love."  They believe this will remind the wayward soul the error of his ways and hope it will draw him back to the fold.  I believe that it is enforcement of the ordnung that keeps the culture intact.

Generally speaking, the stricter the Amish sect, the more severe and rigid the shunning.  While not as common in practice, we have seen examples of conservative Amish-Mennonites ex-communicate and shun deviant members.  In the case of the later, it may relate to a divorce and remarriage situation.  Divorce is non-existent in the Amish church; however, there are some cases of separation.  Amish shunning may stem from a member utilizing forbidden technology, expressing independent beliefs, or be a result of almost any other ordnung infraction.  There have been cases where an excommunicated member has lost not only family relationships, church and community friendships, but also his entire business. Shunning may take the form of not being able to drive  your car onto Amish property, not eating at the same table, not being permitted to bring food to a family gathering, or the Amish not doing business with you.  For example, a strict Amish man would not shear our sheep because my husband was once an Amish church member.  In another case an Amish man would not sell maple syrup to a man who was raised Amish, but had never joined the church; however the would-be buyer's wife had joined, so no deal.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
August 9, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ohio Bed and Breakfast Seeing More Intergenerational Travelers

Owners of the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast are seeing more intergenerational traveler requests.  We are seeing an increasing number of grandparents come with their grandchildren or perhaps their children and grandchildren.

Intergenerational travel provides opportunity to spend precious time with children and grandchildren, while at the same time experiencing unique historic and cultural sites.

Blossom Suite Master Bedroom at Apple Hill
One Barn Inn guest said that families are so busy these days that they no longer come over for Sunday dinner, their grandchildren are in sports, and many times their work schedules limit family time.  She said there may be only several days out of the year when everyone can get away for a vacation. Many grandparents want their children and grandchildren to experience some of their favorite cultural locations.  Some grandparents plan and pay for the vacations because, as in many families, some children do not have the disposable income to provide all of the opportunities that the grandparents want their grandchildren to experience.

Amish Barn Raising Holmes County

Another guest explained that the primary reason he takes his grandchild on vacations is for educational purposes. "Book learning is limited," he said, "First hand experiences provide sensory stimulation. Building relationships and teaching critical life principles is important," he stated.  He noted that many families are texting their counterparts instead of communicating verbally. Since his beloved wife died, he is continuing the tradition of traveling with his granddaughter.  For him, this is one-on-one time that is most valuable; a time he cherishes because he is her last living grandparent. These vacations provide history lesson opportunities, help strengthen relationships, and provide a platform for critical thinking discussions.

One guest said their entire family always plans to vacation together the first two weeks in July at their lakefront cottage.  It's a standing date year in and year out. Their entire vacation is spent at the lake where water activities dominate their time. 

Guestrooms at the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast are suitable for grandparents and children ages 10 and above.  The Fred Gehrig house, on the Barn Inn property, offers accommodations for 5 people.

Dining Room and Kitchen in Blossom Suite
Newly opened, the Barn Inn's nine-acre sister location, Apple Hill Retreat, offers accommodations for up to 14 or 16 people; an ideal vacation estate for families, corporate groups, or friend or church groups. Apple Hill may be utilized for meetings or used as home base for Amish Country touring. Guests may enjoy the full kitchens, especially with all of the food products found in the area, all in a setting with a grand 10-mile view.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
July 30, 2013

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ohio Amish Country Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast MCC Intergenerational Travel Event

The Ohio Amish Country Barn Inn Bed and breakfast, a supporter of the MCC, Mennonite Relief Sale event, which will take place August 2 and 3, 2013, is pleased to announce the event will be moving indoors this year, to the Buckeye Event Center,  624 Henry St. in Dalton. First time at this new location, this event, great for intergenerational travel, can be enjoyed by all regardless of the weather. The event will include live music, breakfast, food and vendor booths, children's activities, corn hole and volleyball tournaments, and a 5K run. Auctions will be held, including a silent auction, art and collectible auction, wood and tool auction, a quilt auction, and much more.

by Loretta Coblentz

This event has been taking place for many years.  I've dubbed it the "Great Mennonite Fair."  Please be assured that the Friday night musical groups are exceptional and great entertainment for the entire family. Some children's activities include festival games, a children's train, an auction for children 13 and under.  Bungee jumping is available to attendees of all ages.

Children's Train at Relief Sale

Auction items can be previewed online about one month prior to the date at  Handicap parking and wheelchairs are available.

Friday, August 2

4:00 pm. Food and Vendor booths open.
6:30 pm. Evening program begins. Performers include: The Loren Glick Family and Holmes County Bluegrass.

Guests attending Friday will be able to preview Saturday's auction items as well as participate in a silent auction of theme baskets and other donated handmade items.

Saturday, August 3

7:00 am. Breakfast (includes: pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs, sausage gravy and biscuits, and more.)
8:00 am. The Run for Relief 5K begins.
9:00 am. Art and collectable and wood and tool auctions begin
10:00 am. Quilt Auction begins.
12:00 pm. Lunch (includes: Gerber's Chicken BBQ, Laotian egg rolls, homemade ice cream, and much more.)

Corn hole and volleyball tournaments will be part of Saturday's activities.

Blossom Suite, Apple Hill/The Barn Inn

The Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, located about 30 minutes south of Dalton, offers all the comforts desired after a busy at the auction. For intergenerational travel, consider our affiliate, newly renovated Apple Hill Retreat location in Millersburg. A family may reserve all three suites, accommodations for up to14 people.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
July 13, 2013

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Millersburg, Ohio bed and breakfast announces progress at new Holmes County Fairground

The Millersburg, Ohio Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast announces progress at the new Holmes County Fairground location.  Annually the Holmes County Fair has been held in August at 8381 state route 39 in Millersburg Ohio.  This year, 2013, and possibly 2014, the Holmes County Fair will still be at that location; however, that will change.  Residents and fair attendees are eagerly anticipating the development of Harvest Ridge. 

 For as long as anyone can remember the fairgrounds have flooded often and severely; some years to the point that the fair couldn't be held there. Growing up in Holmes County means that there is a very high likely hood that you participate in the fair in one way or another, whether it be though something like FFA and 4-H or just going to enjoy the food and rides, and for anyone in that situation, it means you experience the true reality of flooding, which is why the community is in desperate need of a change.  Change was initiated with the April,  2012 groundbreaking ceremony, held at the new fairground location at Harvest Ridge. 

Flooding at fairgrounds

Harvest Ridge was an 80 plus acre gift from Weaver Leather chairman Paul Weaver; in exchange for the gift, the fair board agreed to run utilities to the property. Since groundbreaking, one building has been completed, the William T. Baker Building; and an original 1910 bank barn has been restored, as well as massive excavation. The county sold the old fairgrounds to the local park district for approximately $500,000 from a Clean Ohio grant which requires the fairgrounds to be moved by September of 2014. 

The overall project is estimated to cost between 10 and 12 million, but it should take about $5 million to get the grounds prepared enough to hold a decent fair.  Current efforts include getting the grounds properly excavated, installing plumbing, and parking. Fund raising is still a very high priority and higher level donors will have buildings, utilities, or even streets named in their honor. The fair board is working at turning the new fairgrounds into something the entire community can utilize. For information on how to donate contact Tom Wilke at 330-763-2954.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is located about 3 1/2 miles from the present fairground location.  Combine a  visit the Holmes County Fair August 4 - Monday, August 11, 2013 and a stay at the award-winning Barn Inn.  An affiliated property of The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, Apple Hill Retreat, is located within 1/4 mile of Harvest Ridge and provides a convenient vacation stay for visitors to Holmes County.

Blossom Suite

Submitted by: Loretta Coblentz
July 3, 2013