Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Confession Musical Theatre in Ohio Amish Country

The Confession, a captivating musical theatre production portraying the life of Katie Lapp will be presented in Ohio's Amish Country June 7, 2012 through December 15, 2012, with matinee and evening shows.  Last week I had the privilege of previewing this outstanding musical when I and about 45 other persons traveled to Indiana to view it.  The music is professional, the acting outstanding, and the production itself was absolutely wonderful! The script was written by Martha Bolton, a Dove Award winner who is best known for her work with Bob Hope, Mark Lowry, Jeffa Allen, President Ronald Reagan, Phyllis Diller, and others.

Based on novels by best-selling author, Beverly Lewis, The Confession Musical is the story of a young Amish woman whose life is tangled with secrets, scandal, love lost and love found, heartache, and healing.  The story is incredibly relavent and, in many ways is reflective of the kinds of things that could, and sometimes happen in the Amish culture.

We at the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast are delighted to announce that we are packaging tickets to this musical with overnight stays at the inn.  For years people have been wanting something to do after hours. This is now something special to do after 6 p.m.!

Adult Tickets Monday - Thursday are $34.50 each; Friday & Saturday $36.50.
Kids, ages 6 -12 Monday - Thursday are $17.50; Friday & Saturday $19.50

Standard Deluxe Room at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Tickets are non-refundable; however they are transferrable. We can package them with your choice of room. We will check availability both for show times and accommodations.  I have learned that there are several days when show tickets already are sold out.  The production will take place in Sugarcreek, and various area merchants and inns are collaboring with producers to bring you this lovely package.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
May 1, 2012

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