Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Shopping in Ohio Amish Country

Plan now to Christmas shop in Ohio's Amish Country, avoid crowds, and find the gift that you will love to give and they will love to receive.  As most people know, in Amish country, the pace of life is slower, simple gifts are the norm, thriftiness is a virtue, and friends and family are the most valued gifts.  For the most part, the Amish and Mennonites keep Christmas gift-giving practical, simple, and within their budget.  This, of course, eliminates a lot of stress.  Businesses listed below that are not linked to a website are Amish businesses and do not have a website.  If a telephone is listed, it usually serves as a place to leave a message.

Keim Lumber Company, long known as a leader for tools, also offers wooden toys, board games, sleds, old-fashioned ice cream freezers, bird feeders, home decor items, Bosch mixers, and more. Note their sales and special hours.

Amish Country Peddler offers, in addition to their primitive home accessories, Crocs of all types including fur-lined shoes and boots and has become one of the largest Croc retailers in the state of Ohio.  Their sister store, The Amish Country Peddler, offers much in the latest country decorating trends.

If you're serious about a practical gift for a "Down to Earth" person, consider the purchase of the Muckmaster Boot from Maysville Harness, 8572 Mt. Hope Road, Maysville. Muckmaster boots are rated to provide comfort in temperatures from minus 20 to 70 degrees.  This commercial-grade boot is an ideal gift for that person who works in harsh outdoor winter conditions.   Charm Boot and Harness is another exceptional store where top-quality shoes and boots for both men and women are sold at very competitive prices.

Hundred of belts to Choose From
 At R. W. Leather, 4415 Co Rd. 114; with a Sugarcreek mailing address, they are located in Walnut Creek, you will find the absolute best priced leather goods in the area.  Their entire-hide belts should last for 20 years and will not crack or distort.  An average comparison is theirs at $18 compared to a belt purchased from a finer store at $40 or $50.  They also carry purses, wallets, and exceptionally warm fur-lined winter caps.

Unique Play Structures
 What's more practical than a needed outdoor structure?  One Amish woman wanted a chicken coop for Christmas, and she got it!  Whether it for him or her, it's nice to have that additional outside space.  If you're shopping for a child's playhouse, Little Cottage Company surpasses all other builders of playhouse structures.

Create your own holiday meat and cheese basket which may include a selection of cheeses from Guggisberg Cheese, and many locally-made Holmes County food products.   Baskets containing fresh fruits, jams, jellies, Trail Bologna, and sauces may be ordered from Walnut Creek Cheese.   Offering a wide selection of cheeses is Heinis Cheese, and for the best in chocolates, visit Coblentz Chocolates or order on line.

A simple gift such as a book or inspirational CD may be purchased at the Gospel Book Store in Berlin.

Always at your service are the owners and staff at the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast.  Members of the staff can direct you to many other out-of-the-way businesses that offer goods and services not found elsewhere.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
December 8, 2011

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