Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Amish Leather Products, Ohio Amish

Vast Selection of R. W. Leather Belts

Greeting you as you enter the door of R.W. Leather in Walnut Creek, Ohio, is the delicious aroma of fine-quality leather goods, racks of full-grain belts, wool-lined winter caps, purses, wallets, slippers, pet collars, and other Amish made leather products, all made under the direction of owner, Roy Wengerd.  Producing quality products that last a lifetime, Mr. Wengerd designs his belts from English Bridle leather, which is drum dyed at the tannery for better color penetration.

Full-Grain Belts
 As a part of their morning breakfast orientation, the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast recommends R. W. Leather to their patrons.  "We have been recommending R. W. Leather for 15 years.  My husband, Paul, has been wearing his R. W. Leather belt for nearly 12 years with no sign of wear," says Loretta. "Our guests can purchase a belt at R. W. Leather at the fraction of the cost of a better store, and the quality lasts for a lifetime."  Please note that all Amish shops are closed on Sunday; however, there are other shops that are open.

Men's Warm Winter Hats
The shop's selection includes stitched dress belts, heavy leather work belts, ranger belts, money belts, ladies' belts, embossed belts, and more.  Committed to providing the highest quality products and service, Mr. Wengerd custom cuts and fits belts for new and returning patrons, selling belts up to the length of 74 inches, leashes for animals, purses, slippers, wallets, key chains, checkbook covers, sheep skin products, and much more. 

R. W. Leather Workbench
Owning over twenty 1950's hand-engraved, embossing design rolls, Mr. Wengerd considers his embosser one of his best investments, allowing him much opportunity for creativity.  Roy understands leather.  While I was there, he took time to explain some of the natural markings and grain characteristics of some leather pieces, explaining the fat lines of the animal from which it came.  Patrons stopping by for a leather experience sometimes enjoy seeing Roy's workbench and leather tooling machines. 

In this economy where the consumer expects much for his dollar, the products of this Ohio Amish leather shop offers economy, superior value, and style.  R. W. Leather is located at 4415 CR 114, with a Sugarcreek address but located close to Walnut Creek, Ohio.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
September 13, 2011

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