Saturday, June 25, 2011

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Typical Amish Homestead in Holmes County Ohio
Willkommen to Ohio Amish County!  Some of the most meaningful experiences and exchanges with Amish people are realized through meals hosted in Amish homes or by taking one of many Amish tours offered by the long-established tour company, Amish Heartland Tours, with tour operators well versed in the Amish culture.  This highly recognized tour company, operating since 1993, also specializes in Wine and Cheese Tours and Progressive Meal Tours, which is an "All day sampling of foods", an Amish home-to-home experience to forever be remembered.  

Amish Heartland Tour Bus
  "As wonderful as our local restaurants are, none compares with the taste, atmosphere, and total experience offered at an Amish home meal", emphasizes Loretta Coblentz, owner of the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast.  Amish cooks require a reservation of at least eight people to prepare a meal.  An exceptional cultural experience can be had simply by calling Amish Heartland Tours or call the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast for a package experience of a stay and a meal in an Amish home or an added tour.  Advance notice for meals helps meet the minimum for the experience to sell, so please call at least a week or two in advance.

Stop by The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast to purchase the "Everywhere in Amish Country" map, a map that includes every county and township road.   

Guests of the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast recently enjoyed the Campfire Chit-Chats and Cast Iron Stew evening, a 3-hour experience with a delightful Amish family. The evening begins with a wonderful stew cooked over an open fire, cornbread, cobbler, homemade rootbeer, frozen fruit slush, and roasted marshmallows.  The finale includes a buggy or wagon ride to the school house and a few songs played on the harmonica by a granddaughter.  You will witness the easy pace and relaxing atmosphere of the slower-paced Amish life and the cohesiveness of this three-generation family.  Call the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast at 330-674-7600 to check for room availabilty or check on line.  The fine staff at The Barn Inn will be happy to assist in your travel plans to Holmes County.

Remember to check out the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast's Calendar of Events on our home page.  We post upcoming and current happenings.  Throughout the summer there are many Amish school auctions, village events, and more.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
June 25, 2011

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