Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Model T Tour, Berlin Ohio Lodging

1920 Model T Firetruck
In May of 2011 a Model T and Model A enthusiast club held a tour of Ohio's Amish country, visiting sites and businesses unique to the Amish and Mennonites.  The club chose the unique Millersburg and Berlin area Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast as home base for their four-day adventure.  Many heads turned to watched the 14 classic cars, which included a Model T fire engine, as they toured through the scenic hills of Holmes and Wayne County.

Some favorite Berlin, Ohio area attractions and shops are:

Mural Scene
 Behalt, the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center - The Amish and Mennonites have recorded, and appreciate their anabaptist history.  View the 265-foot circular mural conveying their history's timeline from the early 1500 to date.  On location is the Bunker Hill School House and the Pioneer Barn that houses a restored Conestoga wagon that brought early settlers from Pennsylvania to this region.  They have a gift shop offering a broad selection of books and publications on Amish and Mennonite history, including the book(s) titled "Unser Leit",  meaning "Our People".  Located at 5798 CR 77, Berlin, Ohio.

Heini's Cheese Chalet, original producer of Yogurt Cheese is an all-time favorite stop offering up to 50 different cheeses to sample.  Heini's all-natural cheese is made from local Amish farms.  A free cheese history tour is offered.  Heini's also carries trail bologna, sweet Lebanon bologna, other specialty foods, candies, ice cream, sugar sprinkles for holiday baking, and much more.  Just off US 62 on C.R. 77, north of Berlin.

Guggisberg Cheese, makers and developers of the Original Baby Swiss cheese.  Watch cheese being made weekdays 8-12.  They sell cuckoo clocks, Swiss chocolates  and offer over 60 varieties of cheese; located at 5060 SR 557, Charm.

Holmes County Flea Market - This is a very clean, indoor flea market with over 80 vendors offering a wide variety of merchandise.  Handicap-accessible, they offer wheelchairs, at no charge, for use at the market.  Located at 4550 St. Rt. 39, just east of Berlin.

Berlin Main Street Merchants and Much more - Berlin, the main shopping district in Holmes County, offers a wide choice of shops and restaurants, from craft malls, to gift shops, quilt shops, antiques, and more.  Be sure to check out this link.

We hope you will visit Berlin, Ohio as well as all of Ohio's Amish Country, where the past "Comes to life" as you view the old-fashioned lifestyle of the Amish.  When you come to Amish Country, make the award-winning, Berlin and Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast your lodging choice!

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
The Barn Inn, 330-674-7600

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