Thursday, April 28, 2011

Amish Furniture Ohio

Historic Mural by Heinz Gaugel

Peasant European immigrants fled religious persecution to settle William Penn's Pennsylvania.  As western lands opened for settlement, the first Amish came to Sugarcreek, Ohio in 1809, and by the 1815 census a large group of Amish had moved to the verdant hills of Holmes County, Ohio, which must have reminded them of Switzerland.  With them they brought old-world craftsmanship, a strong work ethic, and a commitment to God and community.  To learn Amish and Mennonite history and view the 265' mural, visit the Amish and Mennonite Heritage Center in Berlin, Ohio.

The Amish staunchly guard their autonomy and separation from the world.  For generations they have eked out a living off the land, supporting their families and crafting the goods and products they have needed.  Today, as descendents of these early settlers, they continue to follow the traditions of their forefathers, creating beautiful, high-quality solid wood furniture.

Today there are more than 30 retail stores and over 450 manufacturers in the Holmes County area.  Some guests at the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast have mentioned how they have appreciated the service and personal attention given them by Marvin Yoder of Yoder's Oak & Cherry, located at 6018 County Road 77, located across the road from Heini's Cheese Chalet in Bunker Hill, just north of the town of Berlin, Ohio.  Their hours are Monday - Saturday 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.  Because they are Amish, they have no website, no telephone, but have next day fax at 330-698-3200.

wood stain samples
 At Yoder's Oak & Cherry, shoppers may look through their many furniture catalogs for inspirations and optional furniture choices.  Whether it's formal or casual, oak or cherry, you may order your selection in the style and stain of choice.  They deliver and ship.

For much of Ohio, Amish Country is an hour or two away.  A trip to Amish Country will give you the opportunity to shop among the best and largest concentration of solid-wood, handcrafted furniture makers in the country.  Come, discover the romance of a peasant-style people living in a seemingly bye-gone era.  The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, whose owners are direct descendents of the first settlers to Holmes County, is rated among the best of the nation's best B&B's and takes great pleasure in showing true "Olde-Country Hospitality".  Paul and Loretta Coblentz are very familiar with different furniture makers and would be happy to help direct you to the furniture artisans who can best meet your needs.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
April 28, 2011

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