Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ohio Amish Country, Cow In Road

This is just so cool that I had to post it.  Driving along on one of Holmes County's township roads, friends of the Millersburg Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, Doug Aebischer and his wife Karen, from Poland, Ohio came upon a cow in the road, and coming toward them from the other direction was a horse and buggy!  Scenes such as this are typical of rural life happenings that one might encounter while traveling our many back roads.  Please note that it is permissible to photograph Amish farms, buildings, and horses and buggies; however, please do not photograph people, especially if they are close enough to be identified.  The Amish religion forbids them to pose for photos or to use cameras for personal photography.  Thank you, Doug, for sharing your photo with The Barn Inn.  Remember to choose the Barn Inn where stories and information about Amish life and culture are shared.

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