Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Duggar Family Visit The Barn Inn

Since their Amish Country stay at The Barn Inn on May 31, 2009, people still ask us how it was to have the Duggar family as guests. Aside from the Duggar children's near "perfect" behavior, I was impressed by the composure of Michelle and Jim-Bob. Responsibilities and authority are well defined and delegated in this family; each younger child under the charge of an elder sibling. They as orderly and polite as you see them on TV, all displaying mutual respect for others.

Breakfast buffet allowed the Duggar family to dine within a specified time. The children, older and younger, filled the dining tables first, and as they were ready to go outside, many of them thanked me for the wonderful breakfast (parents were still in their room). There were no loud noises in the dining room and no fussing. Afterward the children went out to see the animals and Michelle and Jim-Bob came to the dining room and enjoyed a quiet, stress-free breakfast. Michelle was relaxed. Jim-Bob, a man I describe as "Gentle in spirit", was soft-spoken and very much in charge of his family.

I gave the children grain to feed Matilda, the goat.  After several minutes our son said, "Maybe Matilda's had enough grain; we wouldn't want her to get a tummy ache."  With that, each handed back his or her grain without any complaints.  Amazing!  This single incident impressed me more than anything else.

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