Thursday, January 19, 2017

New Route 62 Furniture Outlet Selling Wholesale Funiture

It's no secret that the hand-crafted furniture made in Ohio's Amish Country is among the best in the nation. Showcasing true artisan masterworks, every shop in the area offers unique pieces and sets guaranteed to last decades. Quality comes at a price, however, and one new outlet is looking to take a bit of the edge off your wallet.

One of the dining sets available at Route 62 Furniture Outlet

Located just two miles north of Berlin, Ohio, Route 62 Furniture Outlet is bringing wholesale prices ot the local furniture market. Visitors can expect to see additional discounts of 10-15% on top of normal wholesale reductions. The pieces and sets located at the Outlet make perfect new additions to your home, or replacements for things that may beginning to show their age. Everything you see is locally made, by hand.

Route 62 Furniture Outlet is located at 4067 dounty road 207 in Millersburg, OH, 44654. They can be reached by phone at (330) 893-1439 or by email at

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Thrift Stores In Ohio Amish Country

Guests to the Millersburg, Ohio Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast often ask about thrift stores in Ohio Amish Country.  In this post, I will list many thrift and resale stores.

Save & Serve Thrift Shop in Millersburg:
   Whether you are looking for a new outfit, a unique vintage find, or a great bargain, there’s something for everyone at our Thrift Shop! Our MCC Thrift Shop provides quality thrift items at reasonable prices and strives to be a caring, friendly presence in our community.

MCC Connection Thrift Shop:
     MCC has thrift or resale stores in 18 states and in 5 Canadian Providences.  This particular store is only one of many that a portion of each purchase is designated to the global relief work of MCC (Mennonite Central Committee)


Share and Care in Berlin;
         If you are shopping for gently used clothes, dishes, appliances, books and antiques, thrift stores are your go-to. When shopping in these stores, you never know what treasures you might come across.


Harvest Thrift Store in Sugarcreek and Wilmot.

    In 2006 a small group of Holmes County residents met to discuss a vision they all had in common. With hearts geared toward area youth, they discussed ways to provide resources for those who need a hand, not just in third-world countries but in the local community as well. Through these brainstorming sessions, Harvest Thrift Store was conceived with a mission statement promising that the store will provide “quality merchandise to support local and international missions,” while “honoring God with compassion and integrity” and “assisting our employees and volunteers to reach their full potential.”
The Harvest Thrift Store opened for business in November, 2006, debt-free. What began with a leased space in Sugarcreek has since expanded to a second location in Wilmot, made possible by the generous donation of a vacant building at the intersection of Routes 62 and 250. And now it has grown again by recently moving the Sugarcreek location into a new, expanded building.


The Trading Post Thrift Store in Mt. Hope, is a large thrift store that is well displayed. A unique character of this thrift store is the amount of HIGH VALUE items, NEW & USED. There is also a large selection of clothing and wares as well as a section that is sure to capture masculine interests with outdoor gear and things that would appeal to men.
The Trading Post Thrift Store was organized to support the Ohio Wilderness Boys Camp. The Ohio Camp is an organization in South-Eastern OH that helps boys work through emotional handicaps that keep them from enjoying life in their family and a normal school setting.
All support generated through the Trading Post goes to help families who have a boy at camp. The scholarship is a must for single parent families and families who are already struggling financially to be able to help their boy.

Submitted by Amy Yoder
November 2, 2016

Monday, October 31, 2016

Identify Original Marine Seascape Oil Painting

I, here at the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, have personal contact with someone who owns this large, signed, original oil marine seascape painting. I would like to identify the artist.  I failed to measure it, but would estimate it be at least 48" x 36", but would say it is larger than that.

Obviously, this is a seascape.  I believe it is in it's original frame.  Is there anyone out there who could identify the artist and direct me to someone who might have interest in it?

Impressionist Sailboat and Boat House Painting

Here is a closeup of the signature shown in the lower left side of the painting. It is a distinctive signature where it appears as though the artist wrote his or her first name over their surname. This piece, by all appearances is in excellent condition.  I am guessing that it would be classed as mid century modern and impressionist.

Signature on original painting
Please email me at

If you travel to Ohio's Amish Country, consider a stay at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast here in Millersburg, Ohio.
The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
October 31, 2016

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Boo! in the Burg and Ohio Wine Tasting Offers Attractions for All Ages

Hosted by Historic Downtown Millersburg, Boo! in the Burg is expanding based on the success of last year's addition of the Ohio Wine Tasting, and will now feature it as a permanent event. Guests of The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast and visitors to the area are invited to celebrate the Harvest season with beautiful Amish Country Autumn foliage and Ohio wines.

Located behind the Old Jail in Millersburg, the Ohio Wine Tasting is featuring eight unique Ohio wineries, including Raven's Glenn, Troutman, Doughty Glen Winery, and Baltic Mills Winery, among others. Tickets for tours of the Old Jail are $5 per person, but the price for the Ohio Wine Tasting is yet to be determined. Tours and Tasting will star at 6pm on Saturday, October 29th.

The Old Millersbug Jail

The annual Halloween Parade and Downtown Trick-or-Treat will also be held that evening, with the addition of a Wings Tasting Competition on the Millersburg Courthouse lawn. Proceeds from the Wings Tasting will benefit Friends and Neighbors of OneEighty (formerly Every Woman's House), a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter.

Part of Historic Downtown Millersburg

Local shops will be offering sales, promotions, and other special events for this night, so this is not to be missed on a late Saturday evening! More information on this and other Historic Downtown Millersburg events can be found on their website or by contacting the director, Judy Lamp, at 330-674-2412.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

9th Annual Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns Brings Carols to Life

Image result for christmas cookie tour of inns

The Innkeepers at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast in Millersburg, Ohio have been involved with the Christmas Cookie Tour of Inns since its first itteration in December of 2007. Scheduled for Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11, the 2016 Cookie Tour will feature beautiful local inns in Ohio's Amish country.

"Songs in the Air, Christmas in My Heart!" is the theme for the 9th Annual Cookie Tour, and these inns are participating:
Since 2007, the Cookie Tour has given all of its net proceeds to local charities, such as the Holmes County Education Foundation and LifeCare Hospice. Tickets are $35 for a single day, or $50 for a two-day pass, and went on sale on the Cookie Tour website on October 3rd. Visitors are free to travel to as many inns as they choose during their tour, from 1pm-7pm on Saturday and 1pm-6pm on Sunday. Each inn will have a different cookie, and the recipes for those cookies will go into the Cookie Tour Cookbook, which every guest will receive along with their tickets.

 This tour is a chance for these local inns to decorate, dress up, and show off the very best they have to offer. The Amish Country Lodging Council, operating under the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce for this event, is a network dedicated to excellence in hospitality. If you plan to be in the area in December, this event is a must-see! Tickets typically sell out within the first week or two of sales, so it is recommended that you purchase them as soon as possible. As one of the featured inns, The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast looks forward to hosting and greeting guests warmly as we enter the winter Holiday season!

For more information, visit the Christmas Cookie Tour website, or call the Holmes County Chamber of Commerce Tourism Bureau at (330) 674-3975.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Holmes County Ohio Tesla Recharge Station and Plug in for Hybrid Automobiles

The Millersburg, Ohio Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is now a Tesla destination inn; providing the only recharge station in Holmes County, Ohio. We have recently installed the Tesla High Power Wall Connector which serves Tesla Model S and Model X cars.  Also installed is the Clipper Creek "Universal" J177S2 standard, compatible with any other battery electric and plug in hybrid automobiles for other major auto manufacturers.

Now electric car owners and their cars may recharge while visiting Ohio's Amish Country.  Electric car owners receive a free auto recharge while staying overnight at the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast. It is interesting that here, where we have horse and buggy transportation, we also have the most modern application of technology. For travelers not staying as Barn Inn guests (overnight stay), there is a recharge fee of $15.

Tesla Recharge Station
We are excited every time a Tesla car owner reserves a room.  What a delight it is to see these glorious autos and to meet the owners who so kindly let us ooohh and aaahh over these incredible technical "Works of art and design".  One can only observe in awe at the array of features embodied in these autos. Most noticeable is the quiet ride and great utilization of space because there is no motor.  Actually, you could say it's a love affair at first sight.  Check out the features of both Tesla Model S and Model X cars.

Tesla  Model S at Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

With a full charge, our Tesla owners can travel 250 miles. is a site where residential, public, high power, and in-use stations are indicated.

Electric car owners, consider a stay at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast for a recharge for both you and your car, and of course, enjoy some of the most beautiful countrysides in the United States.

Tesla Model X at Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Organizations are working to install more charging stations along major routes.  Tesla car instruments and other sites indicate recharge locations.

Owners have told us that along most major arteries a recharge station may be found about every 100 miles, usually located near a restaurant and/or hotel, shopping centers, and WIFI hot spots. 

Tesla has Supercharge Stations that will charge Model S and Model X in minutes rather than hours.

Come enjoy Ohio's Amish Country and know that whether you are driving a gasoline powered car or an electric car, your car's resources are readily available.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is a licensed hotel, but operates with the finer touches of a B and B. We serve a full country breakfast daily, included with the price of the room. Additionally, we provide a morning information that will help you best utilize your time in Holmes County.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
September 20, 2016

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Best Choice To Buy Bed and Breakfast Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Make the best choice to buy bed and breakfast gift certificates or gift cards.  There are several points you should consider before making a bed and breakfast gift certificate or card purchase. Will you want to purchase a gift certificate from a nationwide directory, a bed and breakfast association, or a specific property of choice?

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast
My first recommendation for buying a gift certificate is to find an inn or bed and breakfast where you yourself might like to stay. Call the innkeeper and ask questions, or better yet, if it is possible, make an appointment and drive to the inn to see a few rooms. Most innkeepers are gracious and love to show off their property. Ask yourself if the innkeeper exhibits enthusiasm for hospitality.  Are they excited about their property and their locality?  Do they inspire you to come?  Do they have suggestions for touring, eating, entertainment, or relaxation?  Check the property's reputation on tripadvisor.  Consider all aspects of the property. Be sure to ask about their cancellation policy. Do they serve a breakfast? Make sure your questions about privacy and comfort are answered.  If this is your property of choice, ask if they sell gift certificates, if they have an expiration; are they transferrable, and how do they handle the extra money if the certificate is more than the room cost?  Your thoughtful choice will make it a uniquely personal gift for your loved one.  Buying directly from the inn will insure that they will go to your inn of choice. Of course, your family or friend will reserve the date of stay.

Buying directly from the inn or bed and breakfast greatly helps the inn's bottom line.  Buying through a directory pays a commission of perhaps 10%, 15%, or 20% to other sources. We sell many certificates to family members of guests who regularly stay with us. Many adult children purchase gift certificates for their parents.

Relax at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

It might be a "Quick Fix" in a busy season to purchase a gift certificate from a directory, and where the recipient can choose the inn of their choice.  On the other hand, it might be a more meaningful gift to do the homework to find that special get-a-way that you believe they would most enjoy.

Directories -  Property owners list with directories for the advantage of exposure to the thousands of persons seeking unique lodging experiences. Examples of bed and breakfast directories are:,,,, and, to name a few.  Of course, we owners need and love our online directories.  Most directories offer gift certificates or gift cards. Keep in mind that cards and certificates purchased from a specific directory can be redeemed only at those directory properties that are participating in that directory's gift certificate program. If you have a bed and breakfast in mind for your loved one, check to see if that property is a participant in the directory's gift program before purchasing from the directory.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast
Example:  The Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is listed on; however, we do not participate in their gift program. Notice on this local page, that participating properties have the word "Accepts" and a gift card icon shown below the room rate, on the right side of the listing. Often people with gift cards call us to make a reservation. They are saddened when they learn that we are not participants; and that only the inns displaying the gift card icon are participants in the gift program. has a FAQ page that specifically shows properties that accept gift cards. has a gift certificate information page on their site that explains requirements, this being available to the purchaser prior to clicking the link to make the purchase. Here is a link of participating properties.

Associations - You may also discover many bed and breakfast associations that offer gift certificates or cards. In searching; however, I find that few associations give much explaination about gift certificate redemption.  Some sites say they may be redeemed at their member properties.  I suggest that you inquire of the association prior to making a purchase. Associations typically are well managed and commited to serving their clients.
Holmes County, Ohio

It's the law in Ohio - All gift certificates issued in the state of Ohio (in any industry) must be honored for two years.  Here at the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast we honor gift certificates for two years.  After the two-year expiration date, we will, as long as we own the inn, continue to honor expired gift certificates for a Sunday through Thursday stay, but not during the peak season which runs mid September through the month of October.

We, here at the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, accept gift certificates issued by We especially like our partnership in the because they charge us only 10% commission on their certificates. charges redeeming inns a 15% commission, and yet another leading directory charges 20% commission, (with some additional rebate to property).

Innkeepers like myself must assess whether or not it is advantageous to participate in directory or association gift programs.  Several factors impact the decision.  We here at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast are located in Ohio's Amish Country. Holmes County Ohio which hosts over 4 million visitors annually to our area.  Typically we are able to fill up most weekends around the calendar, so we do not rely on directory gift certificates to fill our rooms.

Visit Ohio's Amish Country in Holmes County, Ohio.  If it's mid-day, stop by for a tour of open rooms.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
July 30, 2016