Sunday, October 1, 2017

55th Annual Antique Festival Kicks Off Autumn in Holmes County

Every year, on the first full weekend of October, the Holmes County Antique Festival takes place in Historic Downtown Millersburg. This event brings vendors, craftsmen, artisans, and travelers from all over northeast Ohio for a Saturday and Sunday full of shopping and entertainment for all ages. This year, the Festival turns 55, and promises to be even bigger than years past.

The tradition of the Antique Festival is very near and dear to the people of Holmes County, and many consider it the official "kick off" event to the Fall season here in Amish Country. The main street stores of Millersburg always look forward to participating, and this year they will be hosting a "window contest" in which there will be an object or riddle to be found and solved in each location that corresponds to the window display.

Multiple parades are scheduled for both days for the Festival, but the main parade takes place at 2pm on Sunday afternoon. The events on Sunday are an important draw for locals and visitors alike, since most other shops and restaurants in the area are closed. Over 65 vendors of antiques, crafts, art, and other unique treasures will be place on the open lots downtown, including the courthouse lawn.

Being the busiest time of year for Ohio's Amish Country, Fall is extremely important for our towns and community as a whole. Businesses host special sales, exhibits, offers, and more at every opportunity, especially during the month of October. If you plan to be in the area for the 7th and 8th, the Antique Festival is an absolute must-see!

More information, including a detailed schedule of events, is available on the Holmes County Antique Festival website.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Meet the New Owners of the Barn Inn

Those who know The Barn Inn, know Paul and Loretta Coblentz. A native couple to the area and the community, they purchased the property in 1996 and opened the Bed and Breakfast in April of 1997. For the past 20 years, Paul and Loretta have owned, operated, and made a life of the Barn Inn. Loretta's personal touches are everywhere, from the hand-painted murals in the guest rooms to the unique recipes of the hot country-style breakfast. Now, after dedicating their lives to it for two decades, Paul and Loretta are passing the torch to new Innkeepers.

As of August 23, 2017, Gene and Michelle Rowland have picked up the reins at the Barn Inn. This down-to-Earth couple from Renfro Valley, Kentucky has been married for over 30 years. They have eight children, two of which are now living with them at the Barn, and seven grandchildren. Having run three KOA campgrounds, the Rowlands have been in the hospitality industry since 2002. Moving to a Bed and Breakfast is a new venture for them, but their business expertise and warm personalities provide the perfect mix to continue the legacy that Paul and Loretta have built.

Wanting to continue as business owners, but unsure where they might go, Gene and Michelle came to the Barn Inn to visit, and knew they had found their new home. They have been working constantly with Paul and Loretta to make sure that what people know and love about the Barn is upheld. Since moving into the Gehrig farmhouse, the two have spent their evenings and weekends becoming more acquainted with local businesses and attractions, and learning about the Amish culture. They are excited to spend their first Fall in Amish country. "We have fallen in love with the people and the area, and we look forward to being a part of the community and a blessing to all who make their home with us during their visit to Holmes county."

Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Summer Musical at the Ohio Star Theater - The Home Game

For anyone planning a trip to Ohio's Amish Country this year, you don't want to miss the brand new, Broadway-style musical at the Ohio Star Theater, The Home Game.

   The Home Game follows the story of a young Amish man, Levi Troyer, who has a passion for baseball. He daydreams about playing in the major leagues, but with his father's expectations that he remain on the farm, he manages to keep most of his dreaming in check.
   All of that changes when a talent scout happens into town one day and catches sight of Levi's amazing fast-ball. Impressed with both his pitching and batting skills, the talent scout offers Levi a deal he can't refuse.
   With the decision fully on Levi's shoulders, how will he choose between his father, who wants to see Levi lead a traditional Amish life, and his childhood dreams?
   Add a long-forgotten family secret, and Levi's journey is one you won't soon forget.

   Filled with laughter, drama, a sweet love story, a son's journey, and a father's hope, this newest Ohio Star Theater production is sure to hit it out of the park!
The cast of talented actors and actresses does an outstanding job of bringing life and emotion to their characters. Tickets and showtimes are available on The Ohio Star Theater website. Guests staying at The Barn Inn can have their tickets and seats arranged during their stay at the front desk.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Broadway Classics at 39th Season of Ohio Light Opera

Just 30 minutes outside of Ohio's Amish Country, in the College of Wooster, the Ohio Light Opera has showcased Broadway style musicals, operettas, and operas for nearly four decades. Their 2017 season, beginning June 17, features some of the most recognizable and cherished shows in the musical theater world, and some you may not have heard of before.

Known as "America's Premier Lyric Theater Festival," the Ohio Light Opera's 2017 season will include The Music Man, Anything Goes, H.M.S. Pinafore, Primrose, The Student Prince, Countess Maritza, and The Lady of the Slipper. Over 40 talented artists, actresses, actors, and musicians make up the cast of this year's productions.

Meredith Wilson's The Music Man (1957) is a timeless classic, and winner of the 1958 Tony Award for Best Musical, even beating West Side Story for the honor. This show about a music peddler who wins over the hearts of a small Midwest village is a family-friendly romantic comedy with plenty of memorable characters and musical numbers, such as "Wells Fargo Wagon," "Seventy Six Trombones," and "Till There Was You."

New this season to the Ohio Light Opera, Anything Goes (1934) is Cole Porter's masterpiece, boasting 136 show titles and acting as a standard of the time's productions. Set on a large luxury cruise ship, this tale follows a nightclub singer, a reverend, a young couple, and a host of other crazy characters in a period comedy you'll have to see to believe, featuring hits such as "Anything Goes," "I Get a Kick Out of You," and "All Through the Night." The Ohio Light Opera is presenting the show in its original 1934 version.

A true slice of classic musical theatre history, Gilbert and Sullivan's H.M.S. Pinafore, or The Lass That Loved a Sailor, is an 1878 classic about British Naval life and love amongst melodrama and comedic romance. The characters in this show are simply not to be missed!

Also making its premiere at the Ohio Light Opera this season, George Gershwin's Primrose (1924) has not seen a fully-staged production in nearly a century. This opportunity to see such an otherwise forgotten piece of musical theater history may not happen for another hundred years! This show never made it to Broadway, as it was written for a London audience, but was one of the first to incorporate jazz into its numbers. Although seemingly just another romantic tale, Primrose is full of so many twists, turns, complications, and roundabouts, it's sure to be unlike anything you've ever seen.

The Student Prince (1924) is a fusion of the musical genuis of Hungarian composer Sigmud Romberg and the lyrical genuis of Doroth Donnelly, set to the play Old Heidelberg by Wilhelm Meyer-Foerster. This romantic operetta was the longest-running Braodway production in the 1920s. The story follows a prince and his servants as he travels to Heidelberg University, and has to choose between his duty to his family and his country, and the newfound love of his life.

The Ohio Light Opera has been proud to showcase the works of Emmerich Kalman, and returns this season to Countess Maritza (1924). A romantic story of a wealthy Countess, her manager, the manager's sister, and a ficticious pig farmer who turns out to be real, this show will leave you laughing and on the edge of your seat.

Image result for the lady of the slipper

Another premiere at the Ohio Light Opera that has not seen the stage in over a hundred years, The Lady of the Slipper, or A Modern Cinderella (1912) is exactly how it sounds. Victor Herbert's rendition of the Cinderella tale is far from traditional, however. Sporting names like Dollbabia and Freakette for the stepsisters, Mouser the cat, and suitors Punks and Spooks, this production has earned the term "zany," and embraced it. You won't want to miss this historic opportunity!

In addition to regular shows, A Festival Symposium on the Lyric Theater Tradition will also be held over a four day period from August 1-4, including a number of prominent speakers in the industry and live concerts.

More information, scheduling, ticket prices, and more are available at the Ohio Light Opera's website. The 2017 season will run from June 17-August 12

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Purple Martins in Ohio's Amish Country

The Amish in Ohio's Amish Country are avid Purple Martin enthusiasts. One can abserve while driving through Holmes County many Amish homes and farms dotted with Purple Martin birdhouses. Some bird enthusiasts have many birdhouses on there property.

Purple Martin Birdhouses

I like to call these multi-unit Martin houses "Purple Martin Condos". Some of the larger birdhouses have four units on two sides and three units on the other two side, and some are further expanded with hanging gourd houses.

Purple Martin houses & gourds

For those visiting Holmes County seeking to purchase Purple Martin houses, we here at The Barn Inn recommend Time & Optics Ltd. Time & Optics, Ltd is a family run business since 1976. The owner Robert Hershberger, has Martin houses that have been home to many of these beautiful birds since 2002. Browse an excellent selection of optics - binoculars, telescopes, and accessories for birders as well as field guides and birding books. Also, Time & Optics carries a selection of Purple Martin birdhouses, gourds, poles and mounting kits, ranging in price from $95.95 to $329.95.

Time & Optics Ltd.

The Purple Martin is the largest North American swallow. These aerial acrobats have speed and agility in flight, and when approaching their housing, will dive from the sky at great speeds with their wings tucked. Martins are very sociable birds and prefer the atmosphere of housing in a colony of birdhouses, to making nests in houses that are secluded. They also enjoy human activity, which is why you will often see the houses located near the birders houses.

For more information on the Purple Martin, visit Purple Martin Conservation Association

Olde World - The Barn Inn

Submitted by Amy Yoder
April 11, 2017

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Native American Artifact Collection at The Warther Museum

For the entire month of April, during their normal business hours, The Warther Museum in Dover will be showcasing a special Native American Artifact Collection, one of the largest individual collections in the country, by Edward and Lula Richard. With plenty of time to see the exhibit, we encourage anyone looking for an April getaway to make this a must-see stop in the area.

According to the information provided on The Warther Museum's website and Facebook page concerning the event, Edward Richard was the youngest sibling of Frieda Warther, wife of Ernest Warther, whose carvings are what started the tradition of the Museum. Edward loved to go looking for Native American artifacts with the Warther couple every Sunday, and ultimately this hobby led to a lifelong passion.

Together with his wife Lula, Edward traveled all over North America, including Mexico, New Mexico, Tennesee, Texas, Ohio, and Nova Scotia to excavate and compile this unique collection of artifacts. Upon the couple's passing, the exhibit was entrusted to the Warther Museum to be used for educational purposes, but also to preserve the collection. April of 2017 will only be the second time in history that the Edward and Lula Richard collection has been displayed to the public, so it is not to be missed.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"Taste of the Backroads" Tour, A Unique Amish Country Experience

Since 1991, LaVonne Debois has offered "A Taste of the Backroads" tours through Ohio's Amish Country. Including over six hours of personalized backroads driving routes, a detailed narrative on the Amish way of living, and navigations to over 184 local attractions, these tours are an absolute must for anyone looking to have the full Amish country experience. Guests of the Barn Inn and other visitors to the area are highly encouraged to partake in this one-of-a-kind event.

Even seasoned and experienced visitors to the area have a lot to gain and much to learn from this carefully crafted tour. Whether you prefer to order the Tour Packet and guide yourself through with family and friends, or would like a personalized, 2 and a half hour tour in a Mercedes Benz 12 passenger sightseeing van, there is no wrong way to participate!

The guided van tour included stops at a variety of Amish homes and businesses, including a buggy manufacturer. More information about these exciting and wonderful tours is available at A Taste Of the Backroads website, or by contacting LaVonne directly at (330) 340-7343