Monday, April 21, 2014

Amish Resouce For Homesteaders, Off Grid, Green, Holmes County, Ohio

Increasingly more people, often referred to as homesteaders, off griders, or those going green, are seeking self reliance and are finding expert advice among the Amish.  One of Holmes County's Amish-owned companies, Enviro-Sol, is a leading resource not only for practical information, but for complete systems, installation, and labor services. Owner, Javon Miller is one of those practical persons who can make recommendations as to the type of solar panels, inverters, batteries, water softeners and RO systems, natural gas generator setups, etc., are best suited for your needs.

Solar Battery System

Mr. Miller is a living example of self sufficiency; monthly using an average of 350 kilowatt hours of electric.  Operating from his solar system is his home, laundry, well pump, refrigerators and freezers, some energy efficient lights, three offices, and a small workshop with electric tools.  In keeping with Amish tradition, his family is careful to conserve. His family's usage is lower than the average American family, as they do not utilize the many electronic gadgets of most American homes. Mr. Miller stated that one of the greatest misconceptions about solar energy is that, "It will run only a few lights."  Mr. Miller can show that a complete household can be efficiently served by solar.

There are several different sects of Amish in this area, and not all would be permitted the use of solar energy; however, the more progressive Old-Order Amish, New Order, and New-New Order certainly do avail themselves to these technologies. It is ironic that the Amish, considered the US's most primitive life-styled people, those who resist change,  represent the largest consumer group utilizing solar power in the United States; are those on the cutting edge of solar implementation.  Generating their own power fulfills their self reliance needs and is not inconsistent with their Amish ideology of separation from the world.  Historically, and to this day, they guard their autonomy.  This is why they have refused adapting to the US electric grid and are receptive to solar.  It's all about economy and self reliance.

Windmill on Amish Farm

Mr. Miller sells wind turbines, stating that turbines provide auxiliary assistance and would not represent a core system for power.  Mr. Miller advocates battery backup storage for energy overages rather than selling it back to the power company.  Battery back up provides power if grid service is down.  His solar panels have a life expectancy of 30-40 years and come with a 25-year warranty.  Charge controllers regulate incoming energy.  If the batteries are full, they will go into what is called a "Float charge," or a maintenance charge.

Presently there is a 30% tax credit incentive available for installations, perhaps good until 2016. Many other incentives are available on the site.  Other efficient systems can be implemented; such as radient heat, tankless hot water heat, and wood-burning stoves.

Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Loretta and Paul Coblentz, owners of the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast know and recommend Javon Miller and his company Enviro-Sol for your solar consultation and service needs.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
April 21,2014

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pet Boarding in Berlin, Ohio

Trying to plan a weekend trip, but can't find a sitter for your pet? The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is pleased to inform you that the East Holmes Veterinary Clinic has recently opened a new facility, the Red Ruff Ruff Inn, which offers boarding, grooming, and puppy day care, located at 5456 CR 120, Berlin, Ohio, only about 5 1/2 miles from The Barn Inn.

The East Holmes Veterinary Clinic has been serving Berlin and the surrounding area since 1986, which began in the basement of Dr. Eric Shaver and his wife Cheryl's home, and has now expanded to three facilities consisting of 5 doctors and 20 staff members.

The main office is located in Berlin, which is where the surgical and major medical cases are seen. The Millersburg satellite facility offers appointments for wellness, outpatient care, and grooming. Also at the Millersburg location and Red Ruff Ruff Inn is a Laundro Mut, a 24 hour automated self serve dog wash.

 The East Holmes Veterinary Clinic works hard to make sure of the comfort and wellness of your pet so you feel secure leaving your cat, dog, or small animal in their care, whether its a medical condition or you just need a pet sitter for a weekend.

Call The East Holmes Veterinary Clinic today for hours and availability (330)-893-2057.

Submitted by: Elizabeth Beam
April 16, 2014

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Holmes County, 2014 Ohio Memorial Day Wounded Warrior Event

Plan now to attend the Wounded Warrior Project Memorial Day Event Sunday, May 25, 2014, in Holmes County, Ohio, at the Guggisberg Swiss Inn in Charm. Guggisburg Swiss Inn will be donating all net proceeds to the Wounded Warrior Project on this special Memorial Day event honoring and helping wounded soldiers.

Guggisberg Swiss Inn
Family-fun festivities at The Guggisberg Swiss Inn will begin Sunday, May 25 at 4 p.m. with roasted hotdogs and s'mores, silent auctions, a split the pot drawing, and donated gift baskets for bidding throughout the day that will provide donations to the Wounded Warrior Project. As a finale, at dusk you will be able to purchase Chinese Lighted Sky Lanters that will be lighted and launched over the pond and bridge in memory of loved ones; this followed by lighting of sparklers.

Come a day ahead and make it a memorable weekend with dinner at the Chalet in the Valley Restaurant, where authentic Swiss/German cooking, along with Amish fare is served in true Swiss atmosphere.  Enjoy the rolling hills of Amish Country, with scenes that reflect our Swiss, Amish, and European roots. Plan a serene Amish country drive, take in some shopping, stop at Guggisberg Swiss Cheese for a sampling of awarding-winning cheeses, or stop at any of the many unique home industry shops that thrive on our back roads. The Guggisberg Swiss Inn offers generous hospitality and accommodations for the weekend.

Barn Inn and Apple Hill Acommodations
In collaboration with the Guggisberg Swiss Inn, the Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast, invites all to support this worthy cause and consider accommodations at the historic Barn Inn; a distinctive bed and breakfast offering gracious Amish-Country hospitality.  The Barn Inn also offers family and group accommodations for four to ten people at their Apple Hill location.  Call The Barn Inn at 330-674-7600 for group accommodations.

The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
April 12, 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ohio Amish Country Sunday Attractions and Shopping

Just over a thirty minute scenic drive along Ohio State Route 83 from Millersburg, the village of Coshocton offers a variety of historic attractions and shopping venues for visitors to Amish Country looking for a place to spend a Sunday.  Guests of the Millersburg Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast are invited to take the short trip for even more historic and unique shopping experiences.

Home to four wineries, a beautiful public park with an attached aquatic center, and historic Roscoe Village, Coshocton county has a place for families and friends of all ages to enjoy. The rich history of Roscoe is what makes Coshocton County a true extension of Ohio's Amish Country.

Founded in the 1800s as a canal town and later restored in the 1960s, Roscoe Village hosts event, tours, and plenty of shops as an affordable getaway to another time. While many shops in Amish Country are closed on Sundays, Roscoe Village is open seven days a week, year round. A complete chart and map of the village and shop hours is available here:

Sunday hours for the shops in Roscoe Village differ only slightly from the weekday hours; opening hours are typically an hour later, and closing is an hour earlier. Between shopping, plenty of tours and attractions are available throughout the day, including the Johnson-Humrikhouse Museum (home to the Newark Holy Stones) and the Horse-Drawn Monticello III Canal Boat Ride at Lake Park. Visitors are also invited to dine at Roscoe's own Steak n' Stein restaurant, The Warehouse.

The Historic Roscoe Village is truly an extension of Ohio's Amish Country, offering insight into the canal days of the 1800s. Roscoe was once a bustling port along the Ohio and Erie canals before the flood of 1913 destroyed much of the local canals and halted their use permanently. Now visitors have the chance to experience a restored version of the village, home to many traditional artisans such as weavers, broom makers, printers, and blacksmiths.

In addition to the year-round tours, Roscoe Village also hosts a number of annual festivals that bring the history of the town and its traditions to light. A full list of events, history, and contact information is available at

Submitted by Stephanie Winegar
 April 3, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014

Ohio Amish Country Bed and Breakfast Serves Wine

The Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast now offers Breitenbach and Doughty Glen Wines; both locally made here in Ohio's Amish Country.  Varieties of Doughty Glen wines available at The Barn Inn are Blush, Misty (Gewurstraminer), Strawberry, Raspberry, Catawba, Pinot Noir, and Concord, all semi sweet. The new Doughty Glen Winery is the latest development of Julia and Eric Guggisberg in Charm, Ohio.

Wine and Cheese at The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast

Barn Inn guests may order wine to be placed in their room prior to arrival, or may make that purchase upon arrival. Several kinds of wine and cheese packages may be ordered, as well as in-room massages.

Doughty Glen Wine Sales at Guggisberg Swiss Inn

Above, is Cheryl at the Doughty Glen Sales counter located in the lobby area of the Guggisberg Swiss Inn.  The Barn Inn offers wine by the bottle only, not by the glass. Our liquor license does not allow for Sunday wine sales.

Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast Guest Rooms

Enjoy the best of local wineries while staying at The Barn Inn; Breitenbach Wine Cellars, Doughty Glen Winery, French Ridge Vineyard, Raven's Glenn Winery, School House Winery, Silver Moon Winery, and Swiss Heritage Winery.

Make yours a memorable stay at the Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast; where hospitality, amenities, and guest services provide all you could want for that special personal occasion.  Barn Inn accommodations range from standard rooms, VIP rooms, located in the original converted dairy barn,  and VIP suites in the extended west wing.  Whether it's a budget-conscience standard room, upgraded VIP room, or luxury suite, all of our accommodations are impeccably clean, up to date in decor and comforts, and well appointed.  Our hot country breakfast served each morning and "area orientation" makes for a rich and rewarding Amish Country experience.

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
March 31, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ohio Bed and Breakfast invites to Amish Country Musical theater

The Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast invites you to the 2014 Amish Country Musical theater season at Carlisle Inn. Returning to stage in June, for the third year in a row will be the ever favorite hit musical, The Confession, from bestselling author Beverly Lewis, playing June 3 - August 16, 2014. Come see what happens when the plain life, the not-so-plain life, and downright extravagant life all meet in this hit musical drama about Katie Lapp, a young Amish woman caught in the center of secrets and scandal, love lost and love found, and heartache and healing. Viewers will enjoy a roller coaster ride of high and lows combined with soaring melodies, inspiring lyrics, and completely enjoyable orchestrations. 

The Confession Musical

 Returning to the stage for a second run this fall will be the hit musical Half-Stitched from the award winning novelist, Wanda E. Brunstetter, playing August 22 - December 20, 2014. In this musical comedy with dramatic elements woven throughout, Amish widow Emma Yoder's first quilt class brings the most unbelievable people together. There is a young woman yearning for stability, a couple struggling and at odds in their marriage, a young widower who's hoping to find solace in finishing a quilt, a rough and tough biker who's doing some creative community service, and a preacher's wife looking for relaxation when parish problems arise. As these beginning quilters learn to change material scraps into beauty, their torn lives begin to take new shape with the helping hands of each other and the healing hand of God.

Confession and Amish Quilt
The Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Amish Country Musicals, whereby we are able to purchase tickets for our guests. If you wish to enjoy this wonderful show, request tickets when you make your room reservation. Shows often sell out so be sure to call us at 330-674-7600 as soon as you are ready to make a reservation.

Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast  

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
March 25, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shreve Ohio Spring Migration Sensation March 29, 2014

Exploration, child-oriented events, naturalist workshops, and more are yours to experience at the 14th Annual Shreve Spring Migration Sensation, taking place Saturday, March 29, 2014, 7 a.m. to 4:45 p.m.  For best parking, plan to arrive early at Shreve Elementary School, 598 N. Market St. (St Rt 226) Shreve, Ohio 44676, where you will register and gather schedules and free maps for your day of exploration and learning. Admission of $15, or $20 for an immediate family, includes any or all events and workshops. Be sure to bring your binoculars, scopes, and boots for various marsh activities.

Canadian Geese in Killbuck Creek

At Shreve Elementary, six certified naturalists and expert "Birders" will be speaking from 8:30 a.m. until 4:15 p.m. Workshop topics are: A Man, A Bird, and Black River Audubon, Birding Ohio's North Coast, Birding by Habitat, Learning the Magic of Birdsong, The Ohio Winter Bird Atlas..., and World Patterns of Bird Migration. A "Birder's Market Place" of vendor booths will be open from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. at the school.

For children of all ages, families, and everyone, there are many sensational activities; Dip-Netting for Marsh Critters (wear boots), a Storywalk, backyard wildlife presented by the Akron Zoo, and the Medina Raptor Center featuring birds of prey.  Help stations will be open only from 8 a.m. to noon.

The Migration Sensation points and stations extend beyond the 5,671 acres of the Killbuck Marsh, Ohio's largest inland natural wetland.  Birdwatching, self-guided tours, activities, and experts will be at various points:  Bald Eagle Observation Area, Shreve Lake, Brown's Bog, Wright Marsh Area, Killbuck Wildlife Marsh, and Funk Bottoms Observation Deck.

Killbuck Wildlife Marsh
This week I drove along the many roads that lead in and out of the Killbuck Marsh.  After 17 years of living within 4 miles of the marsh, I was unaware of the vastness and significance of this wetland and the many designated roadside parking spots provided for birdwatching.  Example:  Several miles north of Holmesville on St. Rt. 83, opposite of where Twp Rd. 246 meets St Rt. 83, there is a rather obscure pull off and parking area on the west side of St Rt. 83, Parking Area 1.  Signage and a cable barricade indicates where vehicle travel is prohibited; however, foot paths are provided and permitted beyond the cables. Walking is permitted at the stops where there are paths, except, according to Eric Long of the Killbuck Marsh office, NOT where there is signage at several foot bridges that are distinctly marked prohibiting foot traffic.  Please comply with all postings.  On the ODNR Killbuck Marsh Map you can find the roadside pulloffs, designated hiking paths, the abandoned Rail Road track, and more.

The Millersburg, Ohio, Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast is located only 3 1/2 miles from the Holmes County Trail that follows the Killbuck Creek and is part of the Killbuck Marsh. Our Apple Hill Property, with large suites, ideal for families, is within 1/2 mile of the Holmes County Trail, and about a 15 minute drive from Shreve Elementary School. 

Barn Inn Bed and Breakfast accommodations

Submitted by Loretta Coblentz
March 19, 2014